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EVX-534 Digital Portable Radio, VHF

EVX-534 Digital Portable Radio, VHF


Vertex Standard

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Advanced digital communication, call management and text messaging

The Vertex Standard EVX-534 is the next level in advanced communications. The EVX-534 portable radios operate in traditional analog mode or digital mode with enhanced audio quality and more features. The EVX-534 can be used on legacy analog systems or newer digital systems.

Featuring a full dot-matrix display the EVX-534 can show you important information such as what channel is currently selected and the battery level, among other items. The display can also show an incoming call or text message.

Multiple programmable buttons can be used to send text messages, select specific radios to communicate with, scan frequencies, and more.

Better Radio Call Quality

Digital technology eliminates the static of analog signals. eVerge™ digital radios feature the AMBE+2™ vocoder for enhanced voice quality.

Message Control and Privacy

Each eVerge digital radio can be assigned a unique ID. This enables users to control who they call and who gets your message.

Submersible and Waterproof

The EVX-534 is fully waterproof and has been tested by submersion in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

Option Board Expandable

Add additional features, such as advanced encryption, to your EVX radio with option boards.

The EVX-534 radio package includes:

  • EVX-534 VHF radio
  • Standard lithium ion battery
  • Antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Rapid desktop charger
  • User manual


  • 512 channels and 32 groups
  • Full dot matrix display
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Lone worker alert
  • Key lock
  • Voice channel announce
  • ARTS (auto range transpond system)
  • VOX voice activated transmit when used with a VOX accessory
  • Analog mode features
    • MDC1200 encode and decode
    • DTMF encode
    • 2 tone encode and decode
    • 5 tone encode and decode
      • Stun, kill and revive
    • Lone worker function
    • Multiple scanning optiosn
    • ARTS
  • Digital mode features
    • All Call/Group Call/Individual Call
    • Text Messaging
    • Direct/Dual Capacity Mode
    • Transmit Interrupt
    • PTT ID encode (EVX-531) encode/decode (EVX-534/539)
    • Basic/Enhanced Privacy
    • 256b AES encryption (EVX-534/539)
    • Mixed Mode Scan
    • Site Search
    • DTMF encode
    • Escalert
    • Remote Monitor
    • 128 Record Contact List

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