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Unication G1 Voice Pager



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The Unication G1 voice pager features up to 64 programmable channels, multiple scanning options and is the only voice pager that's fully waterproof.

With 64 channels the Unication G1 pager lets you listen to both critical dispatch frequencies and tactical channels. Also, with such a large frequency memory, the G1 is a great choice for those who respond to neighboring areas for mutual aid.

Fully waterproof and submersible

Tested in the lab, and in the field, the G1 is ready to be dunked. Fully sealed, the G1 pager can withstand rain, spray and full submersion. It's rated for submersion in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The housing features rubberized bumpers to resist shock and impacts.

Largest stored voice capacity

With 16 minutes of stored voice capacity, the Unication G1 has the longest record time of any voice pager on the market. Don't miss a message. Have your messages ready for playback at any time.

Voice storage can be turned on by tone group so only those message you want recorded are saved.

Multiple signaling options

The G1 pager can be activated by 2-tone or 5-tone systems. Settings are available for the common Motorola type system as well as GE, Plectron and Reach or Fast Reach systems. Multiple tone groups allows for multiple response areas. 

DPL and PL decoding keep the pager squelch closed until a voice transmission is received.

The on/off duty feature allows the pager to alert for different tones when you're on or off duty. For example, the G1 can be set to alert for all calls during a duty shift, then only for staff callback when you're off shift.


Unication G1 pagers are programmed with PC software. This software allows for programming of frequencies, tones and groups, scanning and other features. The programming software even allows for cloning of other pager configuration files to the G1.

The 7 color LCD backlight can be used to indicate specific alerts. Custom created WAV audio files can be used for alert sounds.


  • 64 programmable frequency channels
  • 16 minutes of voice storage
  • 11 minutes of voice memo storage
  • 5 scan modes (free, priority, silent, monitor, selective)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for audio accessories
  • Custom programmable musical and voice alerts
  • 7 LCD backlight colors
  • On/off duty setting


  • Dimensions: 100.5mm (3.96 inch) x 65.2mm (2.57 inch) x 26.45mm (1.04 inch)
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Power: 2 AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Operating temperature: 14F (-10C) to 122F (50C)
  • Audio output: 94db at 12 inches
  • UL rated for Class I, Div II

Package Includes

  • G1 voice pager
  • Standard desktop charger (or amplified charger if selected)
  • Belt clip
  • Battery
  • User manual


All G1 voice pagers come with a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty. An additional warranty, extended to 5 years total, is available.


Due to the wide variety of G Series pagers, you pager will usually ship 7 to 10 days after your order is placed. If your pager model (frequency, color, charger option) is in stock, your pager ships right away.

Feel free to contact us to confirm if your pager is an in-stock item, and to get the estimated delivery time.

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